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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will we be able to maintain the web site once you have created it?

A: Yes. We create the site with you in mine in the fact that you are not a programmer. We believe to keep it simple.

Q: Would you maintain the website and keep it up to date?

A: Yes. If you fine that you don't have the time to keep the information updated, we will also work with you to setup a schedule and a monthly cost to maintain your site with the information you want.

Q: Do you create the web site so it can be viewed on multiple devices such as IPads and cell phones?

A: Yes. We can create what is called a responsive web site that will adjust to the users screen size.

Q: Do you also do computer software training?

A: Yes. We specialize in multiple software packages from operating systems, to networks to word processing and CAD systems. Contact us to see if we are able to help you with your software.

Q: Do you come to the site to fix or repair computers?

A: Yes. Our staff will come to your location to trouble shoot or upgrade your computer system. This also includes network servers and web severs.

Q: Why should we use Invisions Web Design for all our computer needs?

A: Our staff has been involved with computer maintenance since the early 1980's. While over the years computers and the software has changed, our staff has made it a key factor to keep up with the latest equipment and software. This also includes the programming and installations of the systems.

Q: Can Invisions Web Design help my company's website be listed in the top of search engines?

A: Our staff does all they can to be sure that your site meets the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which in turn will place your site at a higher level in the search engines. All work will be coordinated with you prior to any changes to your site.


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